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abstract acrylic  works by charlotte riley-webb   abstract pastel works by charlotte riley-webb   figurative-abstract  works by charlotte riley-webb
Abstract : Acrylic   Abstract : Pastel   Figurative : Acrylic

"It was early in the 90's that I created my paintings, now using acrylic paints on watercolor paper, to have a deliberate rhythm. The staccato magenta strokes had one sound and the elongated blue greens had a different sound. It was very soon thereafter that the brushstrokes became my artist signature." Charlotte Riley-Webb



"These paintings take a journey through my soul on the way to the canvas, where they are cultivated and materialized. I am going to ask you as the viewer to take it all in, not necessarily expecting to understand the work immediately, but to take the time to appreciate the essence, created by the textures, lines, strokes, and compositions. And in interpreting the depth of my emotional awareness as an artist, we together just might reach a new level of understanding of this abstract genre." Charlotte Riley-Webb

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