monoprint by charlotte riley-webb
silkscreen print by charlotte riley-webb
Silkscreen Prints

"I began studying the art of hand pulling silk-screen prints at the Gilbert House Art Center in 1990 studying with accomplished screen artist, Bill Prankard. There we used oil-based inks. It was at the Atlanta College of Art that I advanced the process with water-based inks and photo-screening." Charlotte Riley-Webb: Screen Printing



"Before studying mono printing at Tougaloo Art Colony, in Mississippi, in the past carving illustration board, sealing, registering and layering colors was the extent of my mono printing knowledge. The summer of 2003 found me in the studio studying with the most incredible teacher, sculptor and print maker whose reputation had far preceded him, Mr. John T. Scott of New Orleans. He taught the handmade wax paper process, which he had invented twenty years, prior." Charlotte Riley-Webb: Monoprints

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