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Abstract Art

A shift to abstracts

The transition to Abstract art has been a natural, liberating experience for me as an artist. I now have to trust my knowledge in relationship to line, space, texture, color, composition and emotional awareness in creating these new works and decipher how to make these elements relevant to my creations. There are no visible references. No specific models from which to draw information. Abstract art represents the depths of ones artist soul. From the process, I am truly exploring my latitude as an artist."


As daring as I would allow myself to be was to employ expression into my strokes and accentuate features and the human form except for the backgrounds, which were usually created, with abstract forms. I had studied the works of the abstract expressionist painters many years earlier. Trying to decipher the language that seemed to offer the freedom from conventional art, weighing the significance of harmony and balance. Prior to Tougaloo 2002, except on rare occasions, my focus was on conveying the emotional content of the narrative. It was my art colony instructor Moe Brooker, of Philadelphia, that helped me realize that I had the language all the while and that I just needed to translate it into my own energy and forms. An epiphany, it was there that I gained the knowledge and principals that made my marks, shapes and textures relevant to me. With my growth of understanding came confidence and the emergence of my newest art form, abstract art.









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