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Sounds of Perpetual Spring

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Peoples Choice Award

Charlotte Riley-Webb Lucious Webb


Lucious and Charlotte Webb were selected to create the "sculpted painting", "Sounds of Perpetual Spring," which is being displayed in the concert district of downtown Hampton, Virginia. During the gala art opening for the outdoor city art gallery the couple was presented with Hampton Virginia's Art Commission Award of Excellence. The citizens of the city later voted on the twenty-two works submitted for the gallery, and theirs was voted as the Peoples Choice Award to be purchased by the city and become part of their permanent collection. The work is a three-dimensional sculpture with underlying conceptual simplicity as well as a three dimensional painting with expressive intensity. It is the combination, which creates the element of excitement. The merge of the two mediums and the combination of the art forms, visual art and music also mirror the collaboration between the artists. Lucious Webb a sculptor and builder designed and created the structure. Charlotte Riley-Webb, a painter, completed the creation with her unique, painting style. The individual shapes used in the structure emulate those of musical instruments as a figure of grace and strength. "Sounds of Perpetual Spring" personifies a period and place in our history that has been earmarked by the music of the times. The universality of that music, although culturally based, transcended race and gender. Lucious Webb developed his art education with a focus on architecture, graphic design and sculpture in the 60's at Howard University studying with renowned artists, Lois Mailou Jones, David Driskell, and James Wells among several. Working as an art teacher for several years, Lucious continued developing his own work. In later years he also developed his career as a builder, which enabled him the benefit of understanding the creation of structurally sound objects. The larger than life, 8 foot figure was painted in Charlotte's signature contemporary realistic, yet somewhat abstract style. Her career which has spanned some thirty years began at the Cleveland Institute of Art and grew with distinction. The bold colorful rhythmic strokes enables the viewer to hear the music and interact with the art in this, as in many of her other two dimensional works. The piece, created for the exterior, is constructed with 11/2 inch exterior fir wood created from two eight foot, x ¾ inch sheets sealed together for each of the four paneled sides. "Sounds" was painted with Golden Acrylic paints designed for exterior work and sealed with Golden soft gel and topped with two coats of Golden Ultra Light Varnish used to prevent sun discoloration and insuring that the work is structurally strong and weather resistant.


Nostalgic in nature, "Sounds of Perpetual Spring", as the other "sculpted paintings" in the artists' collection, offers a wonderful opportunity for sharing. We invite you to explore the uniqueness and originality of "sculpted paintings" in the Webb's one of a kind, different shapes and forms. Created by this artistic couple, they can be a wonderful addition to your homes interior or exterior, business or community.You may choose from available works or commission designs.


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