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lucious webb


Sculptor, Lucious Webb was born and educated in Georgia. He attended Howard University from 1959-1968. He developed his art education with a focus on architecture, graphic design and sculpture studying with renowned artists, Lois Mailou Jones, David Driskell, James Wells, James Porter and Walter Hannula among many. Wanting to give back to the community and understanding the profound effect that art can have on our youth, he taught junior high school art in Washington for five years. Upon his return to Atlanta he decided to utilize his architectural and building knowledge to design, build and refurbish properties while also working in Development and Housing Rehab with the city of Atlanta and Dekalb County. It was during these years that he acquired the skills to build structurally sound objects which he has now translated into his sculptural works.

Lucious's love for natural materials was explored at the Tougaloo Art Colony in 2003 where he studied Twig Sculpture with California artist and teacher Gyongy Laky. As a result he has added twig vessels and other creations to his collection of unique, one of a kind art sculptures.


lucious webb