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Lucious Webb visits the Smithsonian

Demonstrates the Art of Twig Sculpture

Lucious Webb was invited to demonstrate his twig sculpture technique at the opening of the new Reynolds Center.


lucious admires works in Luce Center Gallery

"Never before have I seen such a broad spectrum of contemporary American art in one place. I look forward to returning soon, there was so much to see."


On-site demonstration. Luce center Gallery

"I was amazed by the height of interest and variety of questions asked of me by the museum visitors."


Lucious at work. Luce center Gallery

"This experience was almost like a homecoming. As a student I spent a lot of time in the Smithsonian, but never did I think that so many years later, I would actually have the opportunity to be there under these circumstances."


Lucious at work. Luce center Gallery

"My exploration of this medium has really expanded my realm of artistic expression. I am working on a series of ten vessels and as well as larger free form twig sculptures."